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Complete Weather and Tides Library
Complete Weather and Tides Library
Points of Sail
Points of Sail
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Access Checklist by PC & iPhone or other Web Enabled Devices
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Click here to go to the fun new way to learn sailing basics
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Points Of Sail Video
5 minute lesson
My husband and I "head out" tomorrow for a weekend anniversary trip that includes our 101 class.

I actually feel like I know what I am doing and will not be at a complete loss!

Thank you for making me feel like I have enough of a handle on it to take the plunge.

Wish us luck, we'll keep you posted.

- Robyn Lund
This is a great site.

I've been sailing since the early 1960's but have not done much in the last 30+ years, having to work can be a real drag.

It's exactly what I've been looking for as a refresher.

- Glen
Thank you so much for all of your great work!

I run a community sailing school with all volunteer instructors and am just thrilled to have all of these lovely teaching aids!

Please add me to both your mailing list and your fan club!

- Kate Bedard

I am trying to learn how to sail while in Afghanistan.

This is by far the best video on "points of sail" I have found.

The website linked with profile also has a fantastic "powerpoint" on introduction to sailing.

- C J Barnard

Posted on YouTube.com
I've had a look at your website and am very impressed.

What a great resource for those just getting into sailing!

I agree that most of the online resources out there assume some basic level of knowledge and vocabulary.

Your site is accessible and well laid out - congratulations!"

Beth A. Leonard
The Voyager's Handbook
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Welcome to Ashoreschool.com. Home of the popular Nav Rules, Points of Sail, and interactive sailing lessons. Hope you enjoy them.
                                                                                                                              Tom and Marilyn
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FREE interactive sailing lessons will take you from an absolute beginner to a confident sailing student.
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 Increase your comfort level and confidence with sailboat images identifying key areas of a sailboat
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Enjoy The Beautiful Hawaiian Islands
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We've expanded this section to include dozens of videos. Sailing training, knot tying, racing, bloopers, and fun commentary presented in HD.
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There are hundreds of sailing schools that would love to teach you to sail. There are even specialty classes like; sailing schools for women, couples sailing schools, bareboat sailing schools, Caribbean sailing schools located in the Virgin Islands, American sailing schools all along the coasts and and lake areas that provide excellent sailing education and sailing instruction. If your interest is bluewater or lake sailing, looking for cruising instruction and sailing certification or advanced celestial navigation there is a "how to" sail class for you. Many beginners start with the basic ASA or US Sailing Association classes, and move on to bareboat charter and coastal navigation courses. What ever your sailing or boating interest, there is a "Learn to Sail" class for you. We hope these online sailing lessons help you maximize your time on the boat. Good luck and enjoy your life  ... you only get one.